Student reps / current issues

Sue Blunn and Helen Carr are your student reps 

The student reps liaise between doctoral students and senior staff in the history department at Birkbeck, to pass on concerns or issues that come up for the research student body about any aspect of our life and studies here. If you have any suggestions for improving the process of study, or think certain resources, training, development, study skills, social events etc should be offered which are currently not being provided, or would like to make requests or comments, or vent grumbles big or small, let us know – we can try and get things improved or implemented. You can contact us by email, or we’re happy to meet up or speak on the phone.

 Sue:; Helen:


October 2015 updates

Following your feedback over the last year, the department (with particular thanks to Julia Lovell) has:

  1. Provided opportunities for post-upgrade students who wish to gain teaching experience. There is now an open, annual process for applications
  2. Created a calendar so that students have an overview of key events, classes and deadlines for the whole year. This can be accessed on this website ( calendar )  and by logging into Moodle

2.  Systematised existing training opportunities within the department to create a core package for doctoral students in HCA. This includes:

3. In addition, the department has created new opportunities – in particular, the five masterclasses being led by internationally-renowned visiting scholars: Doctoral masterclasses

We strongly urge students to take up as many of these opportunities as possible. The department has offered classes and training opportunities in the past but poor take-up has led to their abandonment. We have asked for this provision; if we don’t use it, we will lose it!

We are also currently working with the department to improve conditions in the doctoral students room. Watch this space!



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