This is a website for MPhil/PhD students in the Department of History at Birkbeck, University of London – run by the students themselves.

Want to get involved, have something to post, any comments or suggestions? Leave a comment here, or email Caitlin or Aaron: ccunni02@mail.bbk.ac.uk,  acolum01@mail.bbk.ac.uk,


  1. clare roche

    History Lab at the IHR are holding an event about use of social media, blogging etc for PHD and postdocs on January 29th. Its free but numbers are restricted to 1st come 1st served. The person to contact is Jane Winters jane.winters@sas.ac.uk. i have registered but I thought others might be interested too

  2. Hi,

    I was just wondering if you had any content for prospective MPhil/PhD students – regarding academic life at Birkbeck, applying for funding, relationships with supervisors, writing proposals etc. I have seen the information on the official website but was hoping for some more annecdotal advice.


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