Methodological Masterclass

HCA is delighted to announce the first doctoral masterclass on Tuesday 27 November 2018. 

MAL B04 (Birkbeck Main Building, Malet Street).

The first HCA doctoral masterclass will be offered by Professor Paul Ginsborg (University of Florence) entitled:  ‘Studying the family. Some methodological and political reflections’.

“ In my introduction, I explain the theoretical framework within which much of my work as a historian has taken place – the relations between family, civil society and the state. Whereas a great deal of scientific attention has been paid to the relationships between states and families, and between states and civil society, very little has been accorded to those between families and civil society. I will try to explain why. I also want to look at the consequences of ‘leaving the family out’, with particular reference to my book, Family Politics, and to Hannah Arendt’s analysis of Totalitarianism. I will end by moving into the political field, recounting some of my experiences of being a civil-society intellectual in the Italy of Berlusconi and Savini, and trying to connect discussions of the family with Italy’s political fate.” 

Please email if you would like to attend the doctoral masterclass.

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