Graduate Research Symposium

Thursday, 7 June 2018, 2 – 5pm

Room 101, 30 Russell Square

14h00: Tea and coffee

14h15: Conveners’ Welcome

Panel One: New Projects

Chair: Dr Lesley McFadyen  
14h20 Aaron Columbus


‘Plague and the poor: plague in the suburbs and environs of early modern London, 1600-1650’
14h30 Samantha Brummage ‘Micro-spatial histories for prehistory: finding human scales of narrative in the archaeological record’
14h40 Ralph Day


‘Lesbian and gay telephone information and support services in the UK, 1970-2000’


Zeljka Oparnica ‘Forgotten Diaspora. Sephardi Jews of the Balkans’




Tea and coffee break —


Panel Two: In Progress and Finished

Chair: Dr Sean Brady  
15h30 Aiden Mullet ‘The religiosity of Irish Republicans during the Irish Revolutionary Era, 1913-1923: Catholicity and Irish soldiers’
15h50 Stephen Hastings ‘The sharing, shaping and development of status and identity in the Megaran Sicilian colony of Selinous and its settlements in the ninth to fourth centuries BC’
16h10 Charlie Williams ‘From modified human agents to modifying human agency: John Lilly and the paranoid style in American neuroscience.’




16h50: Conveners’ Closing Remarks

After the symposium, we will be going to ‘The Friend in Hand’ at 2 – 4 Herbrand Street, Bloomsbury, London WC1N 1HX [next to Russell Square UG]. Please join us.


To register, please visit:

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