History Lab Conference 2018

Entertainment, Politics and Culture: Perspectives on a Historical Relationship – June 6th 2018

Throughout history, political power has used different forms of art and entertainment to buttress its legitimacy, or to express its ideology, values, and political agenda. From the Roman circus and popular religious festivities to the contemporary entertainment industry, all societies have developed mechanisms of popular entertainment and public rituals in which political views, interests, and demands can be expressed. Furthermore, entertainment and cultural manifestations have functioned as a form of resistance. Artists, performers, and other cultural figures have demanded their autonomy to freely express their values and opinions. At our conference we will be considering this crucial historical relationship throughout history and across the globe through a variety of papers delivered by new and early career researchers.

The plenary speaker will be Professor Christina von Hodenberg, Professor of European History Queen Mary University of London. Professor von Hodenberg’s research interests include political culture in 19th and 20th century Germany and the history of journalism, mass media and television. Her most recent research focuses on the sixties cultural revolution and the impact of German, British and American television. Her most recent books include Television’s Moment: Sitcom Audiences and the Sixties Cultural Revolution (Berghahn, 2015) and the forthcoming Das andere Achtundsechzig: Gesellschaftsgeschichte einer Revolte [The other 1968: Social History of a Revolt] (Beck Verlag, Germany, 2018).

The keynote will be delivered by Professor Rachel Dwyer, Professor of Indian Cultures and Cinema SOAS University of London. Professor Dwyer’s research looks at Indian cinema as a guide to modern India as well as Hindi cinema and film culture in South Asia, Hinduism and the Gujarati disapora. She has published on topics including film magazines and popular fiction, love and eroticism, religion, emotion and Gandhi and the biopic. Her most recent books include Bollywood’s India: Hindi Cinema as a Guide to Contemporary India (Reaktion Books, 2014) and Filming the Gods: Religion and Indian Cinema (Routledge, 2006).

Please sign up to attend the conference on Eventbrite (here)

Full programme of the conference is available (here)


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