UCU Strike: ‘Teach-Out’ Schedule


Many academic staff in UCU will be striking on a number of days between February 22 and March 16, 2018. There will be a ‘teach-out’ on Torrington Square  on each of the strike days, beginning at 1.30pm on Thursday 22nd Feb. Academics on strike from Birkbeck and SOAS will give talks on their research. If you happen to be on campus on a strike day, our staff encourage you to attend the ‘teach-out’ marquee. This is the current schedule.

For more information about the strike, see: https://birkbeckhistoryphd.org/2018/02/21/ucu-strike-action/

Venue: Gazebo around/between Malet Street Building and SOAS

Thursday 22nd February: 

1-30-2: Faiza Shaeen:

2-3: Kerem Nisancioglu: Pensions, Fees and the Undercommons.

3-4: SOAS J4W: Notes from the Campaign

Friday 23rd February: 

1-2: SOAS SU

2-3: Luis Carlos

3 onwards: Brendan Mcgeever: Race, Class and Gender in the Russian Revolution

Monday 26th February: 

11-12: Boris:

2-3: Dimitri and SOAS SU.

6-7 Andy Fugard: Resisting Neo-Liberal Models of Mental Health

7-8 Stephen Frosh Lacan and University Education

Tuesday 27th  February: 

11-12: Farooq Sulehria: Media Imperialism in India and Pakistan

1-2: Tania Kaiser: Scrutinising Asylum and Migration

2-3: SOAS SU

6-8 Sarah Keenan and David Styan: Australian Off Shore detention and Calais

Wednesday 28th February: March to Parliament, so no teach-outs

Monday 5th March: 

11-1: SOAS SU

12-1: Manjeet Ramgotra.

2-4 David Rosenberg: A guided walking tour of Bloomsbury’s Radical History.

6-8: Alex Koenig and Paddy McDaid:  PREVENT and Surveillance in Higher Education

Tuesday 6th March: 

11-12: Imran Jamal: Decolonising: what does it mean in an academic setting?

12-1: Fractionals

1-2: Subir Sinha: Fake News and Politics after reading Harry Frankfurt’s “On Bullshit”

2-4: Discussion on ‘Open Borders’ with Parvathi Raman and Centre for Migration and Diaspora Studies; Nadine El-Enany; Gail Lewis and Karen Wells

6-8 Discussion on Gender, Neo-Liberalism in Higher Education (Various)

Wednesday 7th March: 

11-12: Tim Pringle: Sources of workers’ power: Do trade unions still matter?

1-2: Carrie Benjamin and Nydia Swaby: The Social Strike Game

2-3: SOAS SU

6-7 Agnes Wooley: Representing Refugees

7-8 Adam Gearey: Pensions and the Value of Work

Thursday 8th March: 

11-12: Navtej Purewal: Campus Gender Politics after #MeToo

12-1: Nadje Al-Ali: Feminist Research and Activism

1-2: Brenna Bhandar: Grenfell and After

2-3: Meera Sabaratnam:  What is whiteness?

6-7 Joseph Brooker: Jonathan Lethem: Contemporary US Fiction & Politics

7-8 Ozan Kamiloglu: Neoliberalisation and Casualisation in Universities





FOR THE SCHEDULE AND VENUES FOR MONDAY 12 MARCH TO FRIDAY 16 MARCH, PLEASE SEE THIS LIVE LINK: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1h7Y73Hlfd48rvwKdoVNf-gtxu-mQf8MUSjFPoLLgwXk/edit?ts=5a997caf



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