Doctoral Masterclass: Prof. Julian Swann

The first Methodological Masterclass of the year is just two weeks away. Professor Julian Swann will be unpacking the research process behind his recently published monograph, Exile, Imprisonment or Death, exploring the politics of disgrace in ancien regime France.

Thursday 7 December 2017 – 18:00-20:00, Dreyfus Room, 28 Russell Square.

If you have already signed up please make sure you come, and if you are no longer able to do so, let me know at, as there may be others who would like to take your place.

The Masterclass series features leading researchers discussing how they go about their work, the methodological challenges they face, and difficulties of finding and analysing sources. It is a valuable way to see how great history is made.

Exile, Imprisonment or Death offers the first in-depth study of disgrace politics asking why it emerged, how it was conceptualised, the conventions that governed its use, and reactions to it. The book asks why elite subjects submitted to imprisonment or internal exile on the whim of the monarch. Its methodological relevance therefore spread far beyond ancien regime France.

Jack Watling

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