PhD Writing Workshop

The first Birkbeck HCA PhD thesis writing workshop this year with Stella Tillyard will be held on Wednesday, 13 December 2017, 6-8pm in the Dreyfus room. 

The department is running three PhD writing workshops in 2017/18. If you have not attended the workshop before, we usually have two submissions of about 2500 words each, of academic writing at any stage of development. These can be parts of the dissertation, grant proposals, conference papers, or book reviews. These submissions are pre-circulated and everyone who comes to the workshop should arrive having read the submissions and ready to offer constructive criticism. We have discussed everything from how to take notes in archives to dangling modifiers and all the problems of academic writing in between. All doctoral students in the department are welcome. You need not be in a place to submit writing in order to attend the workshop, though we strongly recommend that you come along for more than just one.

If you have a piece of 2,500-3,000 words that you would like to submit for discussion, please get in touch with Sian  ( by Monday 4 December. It doesn’t have to be finished or polished; useful feedback guaranteed.

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