Reading Academic German

This 10 week course is designed for doctoral students who want to acquire a reading knowledge of German.

The course will:

  • Introduce students to the structure of the German language;
  • Enable students to identify the main grammatical categories, their functions within the German sentence and the basic vocabulary;
  • Enable students to build on and enlarge the basic vocabulary in their particular field of research;
  • Enable students to translate passages in German and eventually read texts in German in their field of research.

This course consists of weekly hour-long classes in the Spring term, from Tuesday 9th January 2018 to Tuesday 13th March 2018, and students must be able to attend all sessions. Separate classes will be taught for two levels, intermediate and advanced reading- students will be required to complete a placement test before the course starts to determine the appropriate level.

(Intermediate reading 6pm – 7pm, advanced reading 7pm – 8pm)

Postgraduate research students from any Birkbeck department and institutions in the Bloomsbury Postgraduate Skills Network are eligible for this course.

Reading academic German will be useful for those conducting MPhil/PhD research involving any aspect of German history/culture or MPhil/PhD research on areas of History/Classics/Ancient History/Archaeology where there is a significant modern scholarship in German. It will also be of benefit to postgraduate research students in Politics and History of Art.

The course is funded by Birkbeck Graduate Research School and is run by the Department of History, Classics and Archaeology.


To book a place:

*Please register as soon as possible to be sure of a place!*



Image credit: Henn-Ahn’s German grammar. A practical, easy, and thorough method of learning the German language. In accordance with the modern German orthography. By Ahn, F. (Franz), 1796-1865; Henn, P. (Peter) [No restrictions], via Wikimedia Commons

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