Call for Papers: History Lab 2017-18


A message from History Lab:

We are now inviting applications for the History Lab seminar series 2017-18! As History Lab is all about diversity and integration, we welcome papers on any aspect of or time period in historical study. We also encourage papers from students at every level – whether you are nearing submission, starting your first year, or are somewhere in-between, we would love to hear from you.

Papers should be around 45 minutes in length. But we also accept submissions for joint seminars of two 20-25 minute papers. If you would like to give a shorter paper, but don’t have a suitable seminar partner, let us know and we will try to match you up with someone in a related field or with a similar topic.

All our seminars are followed by a 15-minute discussion session, wine, and nibbles, and then usually a well-earned trip to the pub.

The History Lab Seminar Series takes place fortnightly on Thursday evenings during term time.* Graduate history students from all backgrounds, disciplines, and time periods can share their work, practice their presenting skills, and engage in productive debate in a relaxed, supportive environment. It is also a great way for graduate students to meet, socialise, and share their experiences.

If you are interested, please send an abstract of between 250-350 words outlining your proposed paper to You may address your email to Christopher Bahl and Laura Flannigan (seminar conveners). Please also include a brief bio, detailing what stage in your studies you are at and your research interests.

Deadline for submission is Wednesday 28th August 2017

Note: For speakers coming to the IHR from outside the South East, History Lab may be able to offer assistance with travel costs, funds permitting. If you think you might need assistance, please let us know when you submit your abstract.

*This year our seminars will run bi-weekly from 5th October – 30th November 2017 in the Autumn Term, 11th January – 22th March 2018 in the Spring Term, and 4th May – 28th June 2018 in the Summer Term. Seminars start at 5:30 pm. If your paper is accepted, we will be in touch to arrange a seminar date with you. If you have an initial preference for any particular time of year, feel free to mention this when you contact us and we will try our best to accommodate you.

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