Heraldry Training

Network: The Matter of the Archive before 1700

Continuing Professional Development Workshop: Heraldry

Friday 5 May | Lunch 1pm, Workshop: 2pm-4pm
College of Arms, 130 Queen Victoria Street

The first in a series of professional development workshops on skills and methods related to archival research in the medieval and early modern periods will take place on Friday 5 May 2017. In the library of the College of Arms (130 Queen Victoria Street, London EC4V 4BT) we will have a workshop on the practices and tools used in analysing heraldry. The session is intended for scholars working on the medieval and early modern periods, who encounter heraldry and heraldic emblems and seek to develop their understanding of the practice, and how use it for research into the past. There will be an introduction to British heraldry, and the main research tools for British and European heraldry.

Space is limited, so please fill in a registration form on the link below:


Please contact c.goodson@bbk.ac.uk with any questions. No previous expertise in heraldry is required; in fact, the course is designed for the acquisition of a new research skill. CHASE students travel expenses will be covered; lunch will be provided before hand.

This workshop is the first of four professional development sessions for scholars and PhD students in the CHASE consortium (which includes Birkbeck) working on archival materials before 1700 seeking continuing professional skills development for research. The meetings are aimed at researchers embarking on interdisciplinary projects across the premodern period seeking to refresh and expand their skills bases. These workshops will develop our network and also foster relationships with the non-HEI institutions in the orbit of CHASE-member institutions, with a view to future collaboration and doctoral and post-doctoral training.

Future sessions later in 2017 and 2018 are currently being planned.

(Image credit: Matthew Paris, Book of Additions, British Library, Cotton MS Nero D I, fol. 171v)

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