Graduate Research Symposium: Programme

Tuesday 7 March 2017, 1.15pm– 5pm

Room 101, 30 Russell Square


1.15pm Tea, coffee

1.25pm: Opening remarks

1.30 – 2.25pm: Panel 1: New perspectives on imperial frameworks

Chair: tbc

  • 1.30 -1.50pm: Ghena El Hariri, ‘The Ottoman Empire vs. The First Al Saud State: Political Legitimacy and the War for Mecca (1800-1818)’
  • 1.50 – 2.10pm: Tim Chamberlain, ‘Colonial Science beyond Imperial Borders: Early Twentieth Century Scientific Networks on the Sino-Tibetan Frontier’
  • 2.10 – 2.25pm: Questions and discussion

2.25 -2.30pm: Comfort break

2.30 – 3.30pm: Panel 2: New doctoral students panel – introduction to research topics

Chair: Dr. Sean Brady

  • 2.30 -2.40pm: Charlie Taverner, Selling food on the street in early modern London, c. 1600-1750’
  • 2.40 – 2.50pm: Caitlin Cunningham, ‘Sexual Misconduct’ in the North American Gold Rush Era’
  • 2.50 -3pm: Laura de la Parra, ‘Against Love: Gender, Psychiatry and the State (1939-1954)’
  • 3 – 3.10pm: Seán Newman, “‘For God, Ulster and the ‘B’ Men”: A History of the Ulster Special Constabulary.’
  • 3.10 – 3.30pm: Questions and discussion

3.30 -3.50pm: Tea

3.50- 4.45pm: Panel 3: New perspectives on sources

Chair: Dr. Brodie Waddell

  • 3.50 – 4.10pm: Claire McKenna, ‘The understanding of faunal and lithic remains from the middle and lower Palaeolithic in southern Britain’
  • 4.10 – 4.30pm: Calum Wright, ‘17th century British political thought: some new light on Scottish royalism’
  • 4.30 – 4.45pm: Questions and discussion

4.45 – 4.50pm: Closing remarks

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