History & Philosophy of Science Reading Group


We are starting a new reading group for research students interested in the history and philosophy of science. ‘History of science’ will be understood as also encompassing histories of knowledge, technology, the body and sexuality, medicine and the ‘human sciences’. We aim to meet once a fortnight on Monday evenings to read an extract from a theoretical text and discuss it in an informal, accessible way.

Our first meeting will be on Monday 16th of May, where we will be looking at the preface and the conclusion of Michel Foucault’s Birth of the Clinic.

For future meetings, we invite people to suggest texts that they have found useful, or that are relevant to their own work, to bring to the group for discussion.

If you would like to come along – to this meeting or in the future – please contact Violeta (violeta.ruiz@cchs.csic.es), and we will add you to the mailing list for sending reading material (pdfs), details of the rooms, times, dates etc.

Violeta Ruiz & Steffan Blayney

Violeta Ruiz: PhD Candidate, Institute of History, Spanish National Research Council
Steffan Blayney: PhD Candidate, HCA, Birkbeck

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