HCA Graduate Research Symposium Programme

Date:   Wednesday 9 March 2016

Time:   2. 15 -5.00 pm

Venue:  Room 101, 30 Russell Square    

We are delighted to announce the programme for the next Graduate Research Symposium. We have 5 great papers on the broad theme of ‘ Determining Conformity’ and all HCA research students and staff are warmly encouraged to come along and hear more of the fascinating research our doctoral students are undertaking.


 2.15 -2.30 pm Tea/coffee, with introductory remarks at 2.25 pm


Panel 1   (2.30 -3.45pm)     Determining conformity: communities

Chair: Prof. David Feldman 

  • 2.30 – 2.50 pm: ‘You are invited to join a Neoplatonic student community’: the role of late antique philosophic biographies in constructing community. Rosalind Pulvermacher


  • 2.50- 3.10 pm: The ‘filthy’ language of late nineteenth-century English convicts. Ben Bethell


  • 3.10 -3.30 pm:   “Mrs Desai, do you know what you are doing? You are damaging your friends”. South Asian workers’ encounters with trade union militancy and moderation during the Grunwick Strike 1976-78.    Robin Sisson


  • 3.30 -3.45pm: Questions and discussion


3.45 – 4 pm            Tea/ coffee break


Panel 2   (4 – 4.55 pm)      Determining conformity: measurements

Chair: Dr. Julia Lovell

  • 4 – 4.20pm:     A Blot on a Profession? The use of psychological tests during the American involvement in World War Two as a means of uncovering the “genuine homosexual”. Ian Magor


  • 4.20 – 4. 40pm: The Trouble with numbers: errors, misunderstandings and emotions in nineteenth century statistics. Guy Beckett


  • 4. 40 -4.55 pm: Questions and discussion


4.55- 5 pm     Closing remarks

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