Monograph Publishing Lecture and Skills Workshop

The School of Arts invites Birkbeck Research students to this year’s Monograph Publishing Lecture and Skills Workshop on Friday 26th February 2016

These events are organised by the School of Arts and lead by consultant Josie Dixon.

Josie ran the Literary Studies List at Cambridge University Press for many years, and was Publishing Director of the Academic Division at Palgrave Macmillan.  She is now an informative and compelling university consultant, full of insight into the complexities of contemporary publishing, the successful preparation of articles and monographs, and the nature of research communication today.

Publishing Scholarly Monographs – 26th February 2016

Keynes Library

12.30-2.00pm Lecture: Academic Publishing in the 21st Century, followed by discussion.

An eye-opening lecture on academic publishing in the 21st century (covering the state of the market for scholarly publications, online publishing, open access and more) with opportunities for questions and discussion, followed by a half-day interactive workshop for final-year postgraduates and postdocs on making the transition from PhD to book.  The course is packed with insights into editors’ decision-making and strategies for maximising your chances of publication in a competitive climate.

Places: open to all research students (any year), no booking needed

2.30-6.00pm, Afternoon workshop: coffee and tea provided

The workshop is designed for postgraduates in the humanities and social sciences, in the final year of their PhD (or at the postdoctoral stage), when they are ready to focus on the transition between a thesis and a publication.

Places: up to 12 places available* – Contact Anthony Shepherd and places will be allocated on a first-come first-served basis.

*When your place is confirmed, you will need to submit 1-2 pages outlining your research project and will need to read three articles provided by Josie to prepare for the workshop

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