IHR Junior Fellowships

Applications have opened for doctoral and postdoctoral Junior Fellowships at the Institute of Historical Research with most deadlines not not until the spring.

To more information and to apply, visit the Fellowships page on the IHR’s website



Past & Present Fellowships

The Past & Present Society and the Institute of Historical Research will offer up to three two-year postdoctoral Fellowships in History for 2016–18, tenable at the Institute. Preference will be given to applicants who demonstrate a broad interest in processes of social, economic, political and cultural change, as manifested in their particular field of study. The Society wishes to promote work of a kind that might be published in the journal Past & Present and its book series, which is published by the Oxford University Press.
Purpose of award: Postdoctoral

Applications open: 1 Dec 2015 to 31 Mar 2016

Amount awarded: £40,000 (approx.)


Pearsall Fellowship in Naval and Maritime History

The Pearsall Fellowship is a one year postdoctoral Fellowship in Naval and Maritime History. Applications are encouraged for work on any aspect of Naval and Maritime History, in the broadest sense, anywhere in the world, from the fall of the Roman Empire in the West up to the present day.
Purpose of award: Postdoctoral

Applications open: 11 Jan 2016 to 24 Mar 2016

Amount awarded: £23,000

Jacobite Studies Trust Fellowship

The IHR administers one one-year Fellowship each year on behalf of the Jacobite Studies Trust. This Fellowship may be held by an advanced doctoral student or early career postdoctoral researcher. Its purpose is to enable the Fellow to undertake historical research into the Stuart dynasty in the British Isles and in exile, from the departure of James II in 1688 to the death of Henry Benedict Stuart in 1807. This may also include work on their friends and supporters, their activities, their influence, their views, ideologies, artefacts and works of art; and the political, diplomatic, military, religious, intellectual, and cultural context in which they lived. The Fellowship is non-residential, and will be tenable from 1 October 2016.
Purpose of award: Doctoral; Postdoctoral

Applications open: 11 Jan 2016 to 20 Apr 2016

Amount awarded: £15,000


Economic History Society Fellowships

The Economic History Society, in conjunction with the Institute of Historical Research, offers up to four one-year postdoctoral Fellowships in economic and/or social history, tenable at the Institute.The Fellowships will be awarded to postdoctoral candidates who have recently completed a doctoral degree in economic and/or social history, or who will have submitted their thesis for examination by 1 October in the academic year in which the Fellowship is to be held. It is the intention of the Economic History Society to promote work of a kind that might be published in the leading refereed academic journals in economic/social history. Fellows will be expected to pursue research in economic and/or social history at an advanced level with a view to publication.
Purpose of award: Postdoctoral

Applications open: 11 Jan 2016 to 13 Apr 2016

Amount awarded: £13,590 (affiliated to institutions outside London); £15,590 (affiliated to London-based institutions)


IHR Doctoral Fellowships (Scouloudi, Thornley, RHS)

The Institute of Historical Research administers up to six full-year and one half-year IHR Research Fellowships in History, which are drawn from several sources: The Royal Historical Society funds up to two Fellowships per year, the Centenary Fellowship and the Marshall Fellowship, the latter thanks to the generosity of Professor P. J. Marshall, former President of the RHS. Both are open to candidates without regard to nationality or academic affiliation. The Scouloudi Foundation offers up to three full-year Fellowships and one half-year Fellowship, which are all open to UK citizens or to candidates with a degree from a British university. The Isobel Thornley Bequest offers one Fellowship which is open to candidates regardless of nationality but only to those registered for a PhD at the University of London.
Purpose of award: Doctoral

Applications open: 14 Jan 2016 to 27 Apr 2016

Amount awarded: £15,726 – full year (Scouloudi); £7863 – half year (Scouloudi); £15,726 (Thornley); £15,726 (Royal Historical Society)


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