HCA Research Student Seminar Programme 2016


The HCA Research Student Seminar is a student-led seminar, convened this year by Guy Beckett and Steffan Blayney. It provides a forum for research students in the History department to meet and question leading historians and thinkers.

The seminar’s format is flexible and determined by the guest speaker, but it usually consists of a paper/presentation, followed by an hour for questions/discussion. Afterwards we take the speaker to a nearby restaurant for dinner, where discussion continues more informally.

It is very helpful to have numbers for the meal so please email Guy by mid-day on the day of the seminar if you would like to join us:




Spring Term

Monday 15 February – Dreyfus Room 6-8pm

Peter Burke, Professor Emeritus of Cultural History at Cambridge University

‘Exiles and expatriates in the history of knowledge: some reflections’

Prof. Peter Burke profile


Monday 14 March  – Dreyfus Room 6-8pm

Howard Caygill, Professor of Modern European Philosophy at Kingston

Kafka and the Quarry Disaster of April 1st 1911′

Howard Caygill profile


Summer Term

Monday 25 April  – Dreyfus Room 6-8pm

Marcus Collins, Senior Lecturer in Cultural History at Loughborough

‘A permissive society? Opinion polls and social change in postwar Britain’

Marcus Collins profile


Monday 9 May – Dreyfus Room 6-8pm

Laila Haidarali, Lecturer in Modern U.S. History at the University of Essex

‘New Negro Womanhood in brown: colour, sex and race from the Harlem Renaissance to World War II’

Laila Haidarali profile


Monday 23 May  – Dreyfus Room 6-8pm

Panikos Panayi, Professor of European History, De Montfort University

‘Religion, race and nation: elite German identities in India, 1815-1920

Panikos Panayi profile


Monday 6 June – Dreyfus Room 6-8pm

Anna Katharina Schaffner, Reader in Comparative Literature and Medical Humanities and Head of the Department of Comparative Literature, University of Kent

‘Exhaustion a very short history’

Anna Katharina Schaffner profile


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