Graduate Research Symposium Programme

Graduate Research Symposium

Date:   Tuesday 8 December 2015

Time:   2.00 -5.00 pm

Venue:  Room 204, 28 Russell Square    



2 -2.15pm         Tea/coffee, with introductory remarks at 2.10pm


Panel 1   (2.15 -3.30pm)     Perspectives on constructing ‘others’: cultural encounters

  •  “Cleopatra would have thought a fate like this an euthanasia worthy of a queen”: British admiration of sati in the mid-19th century. Sue Blunn
  •  Southern icons in black and white:  segregation photographs by Marion Post and Danny Lyon.  Jane Crellin
  • Are some religions more equal than others? The case of the Islamia school. Helen Carr
  • Questions and discussion


Tea Break        3.30 – 3. 50pm


Panel 2            (3.50-4.40pm)      Perspectives on constructing ‘selves’: environmental encounters

  •  Resilient and resourceful? A transect of Middle Palaeolithic Hominin adaptational strategies in Southwest Asia across bio-geographical zones. Andreas Nymark
  • A Welshman coming to London, and seeing a Jackanapes…”: how eighteenth-century Londoners saw the rest of Britain through jokes and slang. Simon Jarrett
  •  Questions and discussion


4.40-4.45pm        Closing remarks


The Graduate Research Symposium will be followed by the REF Impact presentation at 6pm in the Dreyfus Room, 28 Russell Square.

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