News from your Student Reps

Following your feedback over the last year, the department (with particular thanks to Julia Lovell) has:

  1. Provided opportunities for post-upgrade students who wish to gain teaching experience. There is now an open, annual process for applications
  2. Created a calendar so that students have an overview of key events, classes and deadlines for the whole year. This can be accessed on this website ( calendar )  and by logging into Moodle

2.  Systematised existing training opportunities within the department to create a core package for doctoral students in HCA. This includes:

3. In addition, the department has created new opportunities – in particular, the five masterclasses being led by internationally-renowned visiting scholars: Doctoral masterclasses

We strongly urge students to take up as many of these opportunities as possible. The department has offered classes and training opportunities in the past but poor take-up has led to their abandonment. We have asked for this provision; if we don’t use it, we will lose it!

We are also currently working with the department to improve conditions in the doctoral students room. Watch this space!

Helen and Sue


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