History Lab: Starting your PhD

History Lab is the national network for postgraduate students in history and related disciplines. Based at the Institute of Historical Research, it is an intellectual and social forum designed to meet the needs of the postgraduate history community. Meetings are an opportunity for the next generation of historians to discuss ideas and to drive the study of history forward.

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This coming Monday (12 October) at 17.30 – 19.30, we are holding a workshop for new PhD Students:

Starting a PhD is exciting and daunting in equal measure. The first few weeks are dominated by all sorts of introductory sessions and seemingly endless amounts of helpful and unnerving advice. Come join the HistoryLab for a glass of wine and a discussion with our panel of veteran PhDers who will answer questions on all of your burning issues and, ultimately, help you grasp the fact that, to paraphrase Magnus Magnusson, you’ve started so you’ll finish (probably).

Please do come along.

Best wishes,


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