Core Skills PhD Classes

In response to student requests for research skills training, Dr Carmen Mangion has offered to open her M.Res core skills course to pre-upgrade HCA students, space permitting. The classes take place on Monday evenings from 6.30-8.30pm.

This module will introduce students to the planning of a large-scale historical research project. First, students will develop skills in locating, retrieving and managing a variety of historical material and creating a working bibliography for their own research project. Next, students will be equipped with skills aimed at developing an achievable project plan for their literature review. Lastly, students will survey the scholarly work published in their research area and assess themes and historical approaches and methodologies in a literature review. The module is a core module for MRes students and an auditable module for MPhil students. It is organised into seminars and workshops and geared towards collaborative learning which relies on the active contribution of each student.

Venue to be confirmed

  1. October 12th 2015: Critical reading/Critical writing
  2. October 19th 2015: Referencing and Compiling Bibliographies
  3. November 2nd 2015: Notetaking (Or dealing with Information Overload)
  4. November 9th 2015: Preparing a project plan
  5. November 23rd 2015: Writing a literature review Part I
  6. November 30th 2015: Writing a literature review Part II

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