HCA Graduate Research Symposium

Summer 2015 Programme

Date:   Monday 8 June 2015

Time:   2.00 -5.00 pm

Venue:            Room 538, Malet Street

A twenty-minute slot for questions and discussion follows each panel

2.00-2.15         Tea/coffee, Introduction

Panel 1            (2.15-3.15) Body and soul: from early modern period to twentieth century

Chair: Adam Shapiro

2.15-2.35         Apparitions of the dead, visions, monstrous births and other “extraordinary and miraculous” phenomena: an early modern argument for an immortal and incorporeal soul. Clare Fitzpatrick

2.35-2.55         Fatigue and the productive body: industrial physiology in Britain, c. 1900-1918. Steffan Blayney

2.55-3.15         Questions and discussion

Tea Break        3.15-3.30

Panel 2            (3.30-4.30)      Performing politics in different spaces: state and community

                        Chair: Julia Lovell

3.30-3.50         Destruction and reconstruction: the Austrian state after the First World War. Barbara Warnock

3.50-4.10         From neighbourhood committees to social centres: anarchism in post-1968 southern Italy. Luca Lapolla

4.10-4.30         Questions and discussion

4.30-4.40         Closing remarks

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