Research Student Seminar: Prof. Patricia Clavin on Men & Markets – Economic Internationalism in the Twentieth Century


This year’s final Research Student Seminar is on Monday 18 May, 6.30pm – 8pm in the Dreyfus Room, room 202, 28 Russell Square, and features Patricia Clavin, Professor of International History at the University of Oxford. Wine will be provided.

Professor Clavin’s paper examines how the unprecedented growth in the volume of international investment in the nineteenth century facilitated the first great wave of globalization and the ideas of international society that were associated with it.

The paper will explore the diverse ways in which international financiers related to, and promoted, ideas of international society and international organization. It will show how Benjamin Strong, the widely-admired Governor of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, and Governor of the Bank of England, Montagu Norman, became key protagonists, and how their interventions shaped the architecture of the global political economy of that continue to have consequences for us today.

Patricia Clavin has written widely on the history of the Great Depression in Europe, and in the USA, on the history of the League of Nations, and on modern European and international economic history more generally.


Please come along! The research student seminars are open to all PhD / research MA students in the HCA department and they are a valuable opportunity to hear from scholars from outside Birkbeck about their work. We hope that research students will attend not just sessions which are directly relevant to their research, but will appreciate the value of hearing about and discussing scholarship and historical perspectives relating to a range of approaches and topics.


Any questions, or if you would like to join Patricia Clavin for supper afterwards, please get in touch with Guy:


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