Leverhulme Fellowships awarded to two of our HCA academics

Five Birkbeck academics awarded Leverhulme Fellowships

The Leverhulme Trust has awarded Research Fellowships to five academics in the School of Social Sciences, History and Philosophy at Birkbeck, University of London.

Those awarded the Fellowships include:

The Fellowships, which are awarded on the basis of a competitive application process for applicants both within and outside higher education institutions across the UK, offer funding of up to £50,000 for a period of between three and 24 months to experienced researchers to conduct a programme of original research in any discipline.

Commenting on the Fellowships, Professor David Latchman CBE, Master of Birkbeck, said:

“This is an outstanding achievement and further recognition that our academics are working at the very forefront of their disciplines to roll back the frontiers of knowledge. Five Leverhulme Fellowships are indicative of the strength of Birkbeck’s research across the School of Social Science, History and Philosophy – the constituent parts of the School were also highly rated in the recent REF exercise.”

Professor Miriam Zukas, Executive Dean of the School of Social Science, History and Philosophy, said:

“I am absolutely delighted for each of our five fellowship winners, given how fiercely competitive Leverhulme fellowships are. I am really proud of being the Dean for such an outstanding School – five fellowships in one year demonstrates both what brilliant academics we have and how effective our research strategy and support is.”

Professor Sasha Roseneil, Head of the Department of Psychosocial Studies, Assistant Dean for Research in the School of Social Sciences, History and Philosophy and Director of the Birkbeck Institute for Social Research, commented:

“I am delighted to have the opportunity, thanks to this Leverhulme Research Fellowship, to return to three field sites in Yorkshire – Barnsley, Hebden Bridge and inner city Leeds – in order to complete a 15-year longitudinal psychosocial study of contemporary personal life.

“The research explores how practices and experiences of personal life outside the conventional couple and family have changed over historical time and through individual lives, and how they differ between three places of contrasting socio-economic conditions and gender and family cultures.”

Professor Catharine Edwards of the Department of History, Classics and Archaeology, added:

“I am thrilled to have been awarded a Leverhulme Research Fellowship, which will give me the opportunity to complete my edition of selected letters of the philosopher Seneca.”

Dr Kate Maclean, Lecturer in Social Geography in the Department of Geography, Environment and Development Studies, said:

“I’m really delighted to have been granted a Leverhulme Fellowship. The award will allow me to build on my previous research in El Alto and La Paz, Bolivia, and specifically to look at how patterns of urban accumulation, dispossession and displacement in these locations challenge the way that such processes – often summarised by the word ‘gentrification’ – are generally conceived.”

Dr Sarah Howard, Lecturer in Modern European History in the Department of History, Classics and Archaeology, said:

“The Leverhulme Trust plays a major role in supporting research in the UK and I’m very honoured to be awarded a Leverhulme Research Fellowship.

“During the year of the Fellowship, my research will focus on violence and terrorism in Paris during the Algerian War, examining the ways that terrorism resonates in metropolitan centres and its impact upon different communities.”

Dr Sue Brooks, Senior Lecturer in Physical Geography in the Department of Geography, Environment and Development Studies, said:

“This is a wonderful opportunity for new research into storm impacts on cliffed coasts, so dramatically illustrated during the winter of 2013-14 and so vital for vulnerable communities living under threats from unpredictable forces.”

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