News from your student reps


Research student social – 16th March – following the HCA Graduate Research Symposium
We are planning the next research student social to follow on from the HCA Graduate Research Symposium on 16 March (See the programme here: )
We will be in the Marquis of Cornwalis from around 6pm
Volunteers needed!
We really need volunteers to get involved as students reps or in convening seminars, particularly as Barbara will be stepping down soon. Please let Barbara or Sue know if you would be interested. We speak to the Department and senior staff to raise issues any issues that research students have, and arrange seminar and socials, and maintain the website (see below for more information on the website).
Archaeology seminar
Please could Archaeology research students let Barbara know if they would value a seminar being organised on a topic relevant to their studies. If so, I would welcome suggestions on possible speakers. Please you also let me know if you would be likely to attend such a seminar.
Graduate Research Symposium Consultation
Thanks to all those who gave their views in the Department’s consultation on the future structure of the Graduate Research Symposiums last month. Staff were interested to know, in particular, what students thought about holding separate events for HCA ‘ancients’ as these are currently under-represented in the current, integrated model. There were 15 respondents. 5 were in favour of continuing the current model of integrated days with modern historians, 2 were neutral and 8 were in favour of separate days. The responses included some helpful practical suggestions about how either model, or a compromise model, could be constructed. We have passed on all feedback (anonymised) to the Department and look forward to hearing back from them in due course.
Sue and Barbara

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