HCA Graduate Research Symposium Programme


Graduate Research Symposium

Spring 2015 Programme

Date:   Monday 16 March 2015

Time:   2.00 -5.00 pm

Venue:            Room 101, 30 Russell Square

A ten-minute slot for questions and discussion follows each panel

2.00-2.15         Tea/coffee, Introduction

Panel 1            (2.15-3.05)      The practice of widow burning in 19th century India

                        Chair: Julia Lovell

2.15-2.35         “Is the abolition of suttee decreed by the British nation… in force in India, or is it not?”: the disruptive tale of sati in the Indian princely states in the mid-nineteenth century. Sue Blunn

2.35-2.55         Before numbers: how a quantitative social question was understood before social statistics. Guy Beckett

2.55-3.05         Questions and discussion

Tea Break        3.05-3.25


Panel 2            (3.25-4.35)      Representations across time

                        Chair:  Brodie Waddell

3.25-3.45         Rome and the Bosporus: representations of urban elite within the funeral epigraphy of the Bosporan kingdom from first-century B.C. to the fourth century A.D. Magdalena Bulanda

3.45-4.05         Studying Imperial Tommy and the Republican Boer: armies, soldiers and the Anglo-Boer War (1899-1902). Amelia Clegg

 4.05-4.25         Muslims, education and the state in Britain: the Bradford situation. Helen Carr

4.25-4.35         Questions and discussion


4.35-4.45         Closing remarks

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