Research student seminar – Dr Paul Warde on ‘The Environment’ emerging: the causes and consequences of a concept, c.1855-1970

Date: 12 February 2015
Time: 6pm-8pm
Venue: Dreyfus Room (2.02), 26-28 Russell Square

Dr Paul Warde of  Cambridge University will speak on “The Environment” emerging: the causes and consequences of a concept, c.1855-1970.’ Dr Warde says: ‘this discussion seeks to raise issues around the development of concepts, related expertise, and political impact. It examines the use of the word ‘environment’ in the context of a wider range of evolutionary thinking from the 1850s, and the sudden shift in meaning and narrative in the post-war era to designate natural systems under threat from human action. It will discuss the range of methods and disciplines involved in constructing new kinds of ‘environmental’ expert; the portrayal of society and human action in post-war environmental literature; and the absorption of this expertise into environmental regulation by 1970.’

We will go for dinner locally afterwards, please let barbara know if you would like to come to the dinner.


  1. Apologies if I’m missing something, but what is the date of the seminar?

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