IHR Fellowships, Prizes and Bursaries 2015-16

IHR Fellowships, Prizes and Bursaries 2015-16

The IHR hosts a wide variety of stipendiary postgraduate and postdoctoral fellowships, publication awards, and small prizes and bursaries for historians and postgraduate history students. Competition for all 2015-16 fellowships has now opened, as have competitions for some of the awards and prizes.



Applications for: the Pearsall Fellowship in Naval and Maritime History; Past and Present Fellowships; the Jacobite Studies Trust Fellowship; IHR Doctoral Fellowships (Scouloudi, Thornley, RHS); and Economic History Society Fellowships are being accepted from 23 January 2015. For closing dates and further information please see http://www.history.ac.uk/fellowships/junior.


Prizes and Bursaries

Entries are currently being accepted for the Sir John Neale Prize in Tudor History, the Curriers’ Company London History Essay Prize, the Richard III Society and Yorkist History Trust Bursary, and the Scouloudi Historical Awards. Competition for the Scouloudi Historical Awards will be open on 24 January. Submissions for the Sir Julian Corbett Prize in Modern Naval HistoryIHR Bursaries (IHR Friends, Alwyn Ruddock, David Bates); and the Huguenot Scholarship will be accepted from 10 March. For closing dates and further information please see http://www.history.ac.uk/fellowships/awards

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