Graduate Research Day: Mon 1 December, 2014, 1-5pm


Dept of History, Classics and Archaeology

Graduate Research Day Autumn 2014

Date:   Monday 1 December 2014

Time:   1.00 -5.00 pm

Venue:  Room B.04, Malet Street


Presentations are approximately twenty minutes and a ten-minute slot for questions and discussion follows each panel


Tea/coffee. Introduction (Adam Shapiro)


Ideas about idiocy in the 19th century

Chair: Jerry White

  • Belief, opinion or knowledge? Competing currents of thought in the trial of Pierre Joseph Deléphine, imbecile arsonist, Paris 1825. Simon Jarrett
  • An entertainment a day keeps the monotony at bay. Occupation and entertainment in the long-stay imbecile asylum. Stef Eastoe

Questions and discussion


The power of the symbolic text

Chair: Brodie Waddell

  • A re-evaluation of the textual strategies of Marinus and Porphyry in re-presenting their teachers or ‘You are invited to join a Neoplatonic student community’. Rosalind Diana Pulvermacher
  • The 1311 Cavalry-tax Protest: reading a civilian response to Mamluk Fiscal policies in 14th century Damascus . Rasmus Bech Olsen
  • Romans 13, conscience and resistance. Calum Wright
  • The institutionalisation of the medieval Inquisition. Derek Hill

Questions and discussion




Abnormalising and controlling the mind during WW2 and early post-war period

Chair: Julia Lovell

  • ‘Abnormal Conditioning:’ William Sargant and wartime psychiatry. Charlie Williams
  • The ‘abnormalisation’ of the psychotic? Life inside wartime mental hospitals, 1939-1945. Hazel Croft

Questions and discussion


Closing remarks


Simon Jarrett, Danae Karydaki (Graduate Research Day Organisers)

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