Generic Skills 2 workshop for those in the middle of their degree

Date: 12 November 2014
Time: from 6pm
Venue: room 103, 28 Russell Square.

This term’s Generic Skills 2 workshop will include four sessions on the following topics:

Posters and Presentation – Professor Bonnie Wallace will explain how to effectively design a research poster, and which types of posters are suitable for which presentations;

IPR and Ownership of Research – Professor Fiona Macmillan will give insight on how intellectual property right and copyright law impacts on researchers, including how to prevent unauthorised use of your own work;

Publish or Perish? – Professor Jean-Marc Dewaele will talk about the benefits and drawbacks of publishing during your degree and afterwards, and will give some tips about which types of publications you can aim for;

Networking and forging academic contacts – Professor Jean-Marc Dewaele will explain how you can effectively build up a research network in your field, and how this can help you in many aspects of your research.

To book a place at this workshop please go to the Academic Skills timetable on the MyBirkbeck website:

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