Methodology workshop: Dr Lee Jones (Queen Mary) on historical materialism


Originally scheduled for 28 May, this event has now been postponed. Please keep an eye on this page for updates.

Date: TBC
Time: 6-8pm
Venue: Dreyfus Room (2.02) in 28 Russell Square
Booking: via email (see below)

We have organised a series of three methodology workshops for research students in the Birkbeck history department, starting with one led by Dr Lee Jones. A senior lecturer in the School of Politics and International Relations at Queen Mary, University of London, Dr Jones’ workshop will show how a historical materialist approach might be used to interpret ideological developments over time.

Participants are asked to prepare by reading the set texts, and will also be asked to raise one question to the group that they would like to explore (either about the texts, the ideas they raise, or some combination of that and their own research) at the beginning of the workshop.

Readings: We’d like two students to introduce the texts and some questions about the ideas raised (max 10 minutes each) – please let us know if you’d like to volunteer for this.

  1. Marx, K. and F. Engels, The German Ideology (1845/6) Part I – Feuerbach: Opposition of the Materialist and Idealist Outlooks, parts A, B and C: available at (Please feel free to focus on Marx and Engels’ points about the relationship between ideas and material forces in history rather than the internecine attacks.)
  2. Hadiz, V. & B. Khoo ‘Approaching Islam and politics from political economy: a comparative study of Indonesia and Malaysia’, Pacific Review 24:4 (2011), 463-485: available via the Bikbeck E-Library –

The number of places at the workshop are limited, so please email Emma ( and/or Barbara ( if you’d like to reserve a place.

The second workshop – held 5-7pm on 10 July (venue TBC) – will feature Professor Ludmilla Jordanova (Durham) on critical thinking.

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