Graduate Research Day: Spring 2014 Programme

Date: Thursday 20 March 2014
Time: 1-5 pm
Venue: Room B.29, Malet Street

A ten-minute slot for questions and discussion follows each panel

1.00-1.10              Introduction

Panel 1 (1.10-2.00)  British cultural imagination

Chair: Julia Laite

1.10-1.30 Richard Wheeler: London-on-Sea: the relationship between Londoners at leisure and the development of the Thames estuary and north Kent resort towns during the Long Nineteenth Century (1789-1914)

1.30-1.50 Geoff Levett: ‘Englishmen who happen to reside in the West Indies’: cricket, race and empire 1900-1907.

Tea Break 2.00-2.20

Panel 2 (2.20-3.50)  Producing and transforming knowledge

Chair: April Pudsey

2.20-2.40 Charlotte Du Bois: Water in Chinese religious sensibilities and its impact on the transculturation of Christianity into China

2.40-3.00 Fanny H Brotons: At the crossroads of medicine and religion: popular knowledge of cancer in the second half of the Spanish nineteenth-century

3.00-3.20 Susanna Shapland: Psychopathy: scientific concept or shorthand for evil?

3.20-3.40 Camelia Dewan: Locating the southwest coastal zone of Bangladesh in past and place

Tea Break 3.50-4.10

Panel 3 (4.10-5.00)  Shared conscience, shared consciousness

Chair: Brodie Waddell

4.10-4.30 Calum Wright: Conscience and the commonwealth: the Scottish troubles, 1637-1640

4.30-4.50 Emma Lundin: Double militancy and triple oppression: women’s quests for power within the African National Congress and the Swedish Social Democratic Party, 1960-1976

5.00 Close

Visit for full abstracts of each paper

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