Research Student Seminar: Dr Sue Onslow on the Institute of Commonwealth Studies’ oral history project


Date: Monday 24 February 2014
Time: 6-8pm (followed be dinner and drinks)
Venue: 2.02 (Dreyfus Room), 28 Russell Square

The next  Birkbeck Research Student Seminar will take place on Monday 24th February at 6pm in the Dreyfus Room, 26 Russell Square. Sue Onslow from the Institute of Commonwealth Studies will be speaking about the Institute’s Oral History Project, which aims to produce a unique digital research research resource on the oral history of the Commonwealth since 1965. All MA and PhD students are welcome to attend.

Dr Onslow is a Senior Research Fellow at the Institute of Commonwealth Studies and LSE Associate of the Africa International Affairs Programme, LSE IDEAS at the London School of Economics. She has previously co-headed the Africa International Affairs Programme at LSE IDEAS, and held positions as lecturer in the Department of International History, and International Development at the LSE, and at the Department of War Studies at King’s College London. She was Principle Investigator on the AHRC funded oral history project ‘Why did you fight? Rhodesian Army Veterans and the Rhodesian civil war 1972-1980′ (2008-2010). She is author ofConservative Backbench Debate and its Influence on British Foreign Policy 1948-1957 (1997), editor of Cold War in Southern Africa: White Power, Black Nationalism (2009), and co-editor of Britain and Southern Africa: Road to Democracy (2011), and Southern Africa in the Cold War post 1974 (2013).

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