Call for papers: History and Space, Birkbeck 17-18 June 2014

Date: 17-18 June 2014
Venue: room 415 in Birkbeck’s Malet Street building (London WC1E 7HX)
Paper deadline: Friday 18 April 2014

This conference aims to discuss and exchange ideas about developments in the field of historical geography, exploring relationships of place and time, multiple connotations of ‘space’ and the mapping of histories. This will enable participants to reflect on various facets of the general idea of history and space, and to consider relationships of place and time within their own research.

Spaces can influence historical processes while technological developments have changed people’s relationship with space, and opened up new frontiers. Space may be conceived of as a physical area – perhaps as a defined territory – but it could also be more abstract: a psychological arena in which people have sought to develop common identities.

Keynote speakers from British universities have also been invited to share their interpretations of the subject.

We welcome proposals for 20-minute long papers on any aspect of space in history, which might include (but is not limited to):

  • The role of space in of physical institutions;
  • Socio-spatial interpretations of historical spaces;
  • Terrain and environment in military and political conflicts;
  • Technological developments that have changed people’s relationship with space, and/or opened up new frontiers;
  • Disputes around borders;
  • Territory as property;
  • Explorers, terra nullius, expansionism and imperialism;
  • Space as a tool for creating and nurturing group and national identities
  • Travel and encounters with ‘the other’;
  • Gendering spaces in history;
  • The history of natural and social environment ideas.

If you would like to present a paper at this conference, please submit a 200-400 word summary on the theme of your proposed paper, along with details of your name, affiliation and doctoral project, to by Friday 18 April 2014.

Barbara Warnock & Emma Lundin
Co-Convenors, Birkbeck, University of London

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