Call for papers: The Media in History, Cambridge 20-21 March 2014

This conference, which is hosted at the University of Cambridge, aims to bring together young graduate historians from across Europe and from a variety of disciplines to discuss the relationship between history and media in its broadest sense.

We welcome insights into the historical role of the media, the nature of popular perceptions of on-going research, and also more conceptual reflections on how new technologies and knowledge practices have shaped the way in which we operate as historical practitioners and consumers now.

The aim of the conference is for graduates to gain a deeper understanding of the public and popular implications of their research, in both historical and contemporary settings.

  • What has been the historical role of the media, as well as the media’s role in communicating history, and how has it changed in recent years?

  • How has the emergence of new media altered the public perception and appreciation of history? Is Twitter, for example, a useful tool for historians; and, if so, how should history be told in a tweeting world? Is the practice of history being undermined by our addiction to the instantaneous?

  • Have new and digital media brought about a reconceptualization of the role of the media within history? Can we map new ways in which historical agents are being influenced by these medias?

  • How has the rise of television history influenced our discipline? Do ‘media dons’ endanger historical nuance or enable historical engagement?

  • To what extent has the availability of new sources through the internet revolutionised our research practices? And what impact will this have upon future archival research?

  • Does the relationship between historical practice and participatory media hold any outcomes for public policy making? Has it drastically changed our political culture?

Papers of 4,000-5,000 words will be pre-circulated, with presentations limited to 15 minutes. Discussion between contributors will follow, with comment provided from senior figures within the University of Cambridge. The Chairman of the History Faculty, Professor David Reynolds, will be delivering a keynote speech to commence proceedings. We invite interested participants to submit a preliminary title and abstract of no more than 400 words to by 24 January, with successful applicants to be contacted by 31st of January. Accommodation for two nights and a contribution towards travel costs will be provided for external participants.


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