Programme: the London Graduate Conference in the History of Political Thought

4161009-20991850-thumbnail The London Graduate Conference in the History of Political Thought has just released the programme for its fourth annual conference, which will take place in Senate House rooms 349-350 on 3-4 June 2013.

The conference’s opening keynote speaker is Professor James Tully (University of Victoria) on ‘Global Governance and Global Citizenship’, chaired by Professor Quentin Skinner (Queen Mary, University of London); the closing keynote speaker is Professor Malcolm Schofield (University of Cambridge) on ‘Cicero on Justice, Cosmopolitanism, and Imperialism’, chaired by Professor Richard Bourke (Queen Mary, University of London).

Click here to see the full programme

The Conference is a forum established in 2009 by London-based postgraduates studying the history of political thought. The objective of the Conference is to identify and explore themes in intellectual history that have resonated through the ages, gathering innovative scholarly contributions from both graduate students as well as established authorities.

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