Call for Editors: History Workshop Online

HWOThe editorial collective of History Workshop Journal/History Workshop Online is looking for new editors who will be full members of the editorial collective but will take special responsibility for History Workshop Online.

Launched in 2011, History Workshop Online is a forum, laboratory, and virtual coffeehouse devoted to the practice of radical history, offering debates, reflections, tools, and resources for anyone interested in connecting historical research with present-day politics, whether through engagement with political history, social history, public history, the history of sexuality and gender, or the history of everyday life. Our aim is to provide a global clearinghouse for conversations and disputations amongst historians, curators, activists, and others who aim to put past and present into critical dialogue and to make historical analysis a tool for change.

We are seeking editors whose work aligns with those interests, who have experience of connecting historical research and digital media, and who would be actively engaged in commissioning innovative work in the field. Though editorships are unpaid and the labour involved can, at times, be substantial, the rewards are considerable. As full members of the editorial collective, new editors would have the opportunity for regular involvement with a leading academic journal that from 1976 onward has pioneered the practice of radical history. And in taking special responsibility for History Workshop Online, editors stand to play a highly creative role in mapping new directions for a progressive website that has already established a dynamic presence, drawing well over 120,000 views in its first 24 months.

We are looking for individuals who would serve for an initial period of three years. Service includes periodic attendance at editorial meetings (about six per year, including an annual general meeting in October). While meetings normally take place in London, some editors regularly attend via Skype, so we are happy to consider potential new editors wherever they live.

Please send (as a Word or PDF attachment) a one-page letter explaining your interest, along with a CV containing links to your online work, to web administrator Lorna Richardson ( by 15 May 2013.

We hope to welcome two new editors to the collective by September 2013. If you have any questions, please direct them to Marybeth Hamilton (

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