Conference: Between Words and Walls – Material and Textual Approaches to Housing in the Graeco-Roman World

Between Words and Walls: Material and Textual Approaches to Housing in the Graeco-Roman WorldDate: 29-30 August 2013
Venue: Birkbeck College, University of London
Keynote Lecture: by Professor Lisa Nevett (Michigan)

What was the relationship between housing as it was expressed in words and how it materialised in walls?

The past decade has seen a transformation in the study of housing, both by archaeologists and Classicists. This conference seeks to build on recent developments in this field, and specifically to examine the interface between archaeological and textual types of evidence.

The study of ancient houses, households, and families has long been vexed by epistemological problems of how to combine an understanding derived from texts (literary and documentary) with that derived from archaeological material (e.g. house plans and related assemblages). This conference aims to develop methodologies that privilege neither historical nor archaeological approaches. Rather, we want to focus on the ancient housing as a social and cultural phenomenon that we can approach through the lens of diverse types of materials and approaches.

The conference fee is £45 for both days (£35 for postgraduate students/unwaged), inclusive of lunches and refreshments; the conference dinner will be at participants’ own expense.

Full details, and registration, for the conference can be found here:

A PDF version of the programme, which also lists respondents and includes full abstracts, is available here:

Student participants based in the UK are reminded of the Wiedemann Memorial Fund which may assist in travel expenses:

With any queries, please contact: Jennifer Baird / April Pudsey

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