Research Student Seminar II: Sophie Page on Medieval angels and demons

birkbeck_research_2Thanks to all who attended yesterday’s Research Student Seminar on Edmund Burke and the British Empire in India! The second seminar will takes place from 6pm on 19 March in Room 114 at UCL Foster Court (see map here), and features a paper from Dr Sophie Page (UCL) on ‘Animals and Demons in the Late Middle Ages’.

The paper explores medieval attitudes to the relationships between animals, humans and demons, and Dr Page will suggest that the limits that late medieval theologians placed on the direct intervention of demons in the physical world contributed to a positive view of animals as part of God’s good Creation, but that, conversely, the idea that demons could alter the appearances of things led to anxiety about the fluidity of the borders between animals, humans and demons. These developments will be explored in relation to medieval natural history, art and witchcraft.

We will all be heading to the Norfolk Arms for dinner and drinks afterwards – please let Emma ( or Janet ( know if you’re planning on joining us there (we’ll be booking a table).

The whole seminar schedule can be seen here: next up is Professor James Chapman (Leicester) on film as a historical source on April 23 in G15, Malet Street (see map here).

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