Six places left on next week’s Generic Skills workshop

Date: Thursday 24 January 2013
Time: 6pm-8:30pm (approx)
Venue: Room 539, Malet Street building

There are currently* six places left on Thursday’s Generic Skills workshop for those in the middle of their PhD, organised by the Birkbeck Graduate Research School.

The Generic Skills workshops are intended to provide research students from all disciplines across the College the chance to learn vital skills and to meet with fellow researchers. Each workshop is broken down into 30 minute slots covering a range of different topics. During Thursday’s workshop, speakers will speak and take questions for approximately 30 minutes on each of the topics below:

1) Posters and Presentations
2) Visualising Research Questions to Improve Research
3) Networking and Forging Academic Contacts
4) Publish or Perish

Please note that this workshop is strictly aimed towards MPhil/PhD Students in the middle of their studies, workshops for students at other stages in their studies will be available.

To book a place on this workshop please follow the link to the BGRS Booking page:

*At 4pm on Friday 18 January 2013

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