Reminder: The Birkbeck Early Modern Society’s 6th Student Conference

Planisphæri_cœlesteDate: 2 February 2013
Time: 10.30am-4.30pm
Venue: Room B18, Malet Street
Keynote speaker: Emeritus Professor Michael Hunter

The Birkbeck Early Modern Society‘s 6th annual student conference – on ‘Science, Magic and Religion in the Early Modern Period’ – is a one-day event to mark the retirement of Professor Michael Hunter, specialist in the history of science in seventeenth-century England, particularly the work of Robert Boyle. Professor Hunter’s scholarly interests also include the history of the early Royal Society, visual culture, witchcraft and changing attitudes towards magic. The conference theme reflects his work, and also features papers from Maria Kirk (‘ “The Thoughts Feasted”: Margaret Cavendish and the Consumption of Knowledge’), Clare Fitzpatrick (‘A Drop from Henry More’s An Antidote to Atheism 1653’), Rachel White (‘ “All their witchcrafts at my fingers endes”: Thomas Nashe, The Terrors of the Night, and the Trial of the Witches of Warboys’) and Stephen Brogan (‘Debating the Miraculous Nature of the Royal Touch During the Stuart Restoration, 1660-85’).

There is no charge to attend this conference but if you are coming please e-mail Laura Jacobs to register at Lunch and refreshments will be provided.

Read more and see the whole programme here

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