Invitation to GEDS seminars in 2012-3

The Department of Geography, Environment and Development Studies (GEDS) has invited history research students to their monthly Research Seminars 2012-13. Convened by Becky Briant and Paul Watt, the seminars are held every 2nd Thursday of the month during term-time, from 1-2 pm.

Thursday 13 December (SSI)
Policy and the grassroots: transparency and accountability activists working through class, gender and space in Delhi – Dr Martin Webb, GEDS, Birkbeck
G16 Malet Street

Thursday 10 January (ECS)
Dating ancient Africans – Dr Phil Hopley, Earth Sciences, Birkbeck
G15 Malet Street

Thursday 14 February (SSI)
Class, place and symbolic boundary formation in a London ‘Chav Town’ – Dr Elias le Grand, Honorary Research Fellow, GEDS, Birkbeck
538 Malet Street

Thursday 14 March (ECS)
Mediterranean Forest Change – Dr Harriet Allen, Geography, Cambridge
G16 Malet Street

Thursday 9 May (SSI)
Youth transitions in a disadvantaged area of Edinburgh – Eric Carlin, PhD Student, GEDS, Birkbeck
Room tbc

Thursday 13 June (ECS)
Speaker TBC
101, 30 Russell Square

Thursday 11 July (SSI)
Unpacking Public Private Partnerships: the implications for women’s health in a development context – Dr Jasmine Gideon, GEDS, Birkbeck
152 Malet Street

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