HCA Research Seminars: the 2012/13 schedule

HCA Research Seminars bring staff, fellows and research students together to discuss their work. It’s an informal event where colleagues present ‘work in progress’, and where there is lots of room for discussion.

Tuesdays 1-2pm

13 November – Adam Shapiro on Science, Religion, and Darwin among the Pennsylvania Germans. Room MAL 355.

27 November – Serafina Cuomo on Ancient Numeracy: Questions and Problems. Room MAL 255.

22 January – Sarah Howard on Crime and Punishment in Paris during the Algerian War. Room MAL 254.

5 February – Naoko Shimazu on… Room MAL 355.

19 February – Sean Brady on Why Examine Men, Masculinities and Religion in Northern Ireland? Room MAL 355.

5 March – Lynn Botelho on The Pains of Old Age and the Medicalization of Old Age in Early Modern England. Room MAL 355.

19 March – Nik Wachsmann on Writing the History of the Nazi Concentration Camps. Room MAL 624.

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