Student reps / current issues

Emma Lundin and Barbara Warnock are your student reps for 2012/13

The student reps liaise between doctoral students and senior staff in the history department at Birkbeck, to pass on concerns or issues that come up for the research student body about any aspect of our life and studies here. If you have any suggestions for improving the process of study, or think certain resources, training, development, study skills, social events etc should be offered which are currently not being provided, or would like to make requests or comments, or vent grumbles big or small, let us know – we can try and get things improved or implemented. You can contact us by email, or we’re happy to meet up or speak on the phone. We’re looking for more research student reps: whether you’ve been studying for a few years or you’ve just recently started we’d love to hear from you, so if you’re interested and want to know more please get in contact with us.

Emma:; Barbara:

Issues that we are currently working on:

1. The Birkbeck Department of History website
Some of you said that you wanted the department website to carry more information about you and your research: we have now been given extended profiles – similar to those that members of staff have – where each individual student can post as much or as little as they wish. The profiles will be updated once a year, and can be accessed at

2. Write-up year fees
Some of you have raised the issue of write-up year fees, as there appears to have been some uncertainty/discrepancy about this in the past. The department is seeking clarification from Registry, and will get back to us when they know more.

3. Second supervisors/mentors
Each student has been given a mentor as a second pastoral contact in the department (a list of these has been circulated and is also available via the department office). If a student and/or supervisor feels that a second supervisor will be needed (when research deals with topics that are outside the primary supervisor’s area of expertise), the department will help arrange that.

Have anything to add? Email us!

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